Brampton Excelsiors Mann Cup ring

Excelsiors Will Chase the 2022 Mann!

Yesterday afternoon the BELC received a directive from the OLA upholding their vote on August 18 2021 to not recognized the sale or relocation of the Brampton Excelsiors. The league has set a deadline of April 30th for Major Series Lacrosse to comply, or the OLA will remove the Board of Governors and oversee the 2022 MSL season, including representation at the Mann Cup, directly.

The directive leaves open the option to put an expansion team in Owen Sound and allows for the players involved to choose which of the two teams they wish to play for. After months of frustration as MSL has shown a complete disregard for the OLA’s ruling, this directive ensures that be it under the MSL or direct oversight of the OLA, the Major Brampton Excelsiors will be competing for the Mann Cup this year!

More details on the schedule, team and sponsorship opportunities will be coming soon.